14 remarkable NGOs, embarking on a powerful journey to amplify their impact through Glific’s Bootcamp 2023

Sneha Trivedi

SEPTEMBER 24, 2023


We are all set to conduct our second bootcamp to support NGOs in launching their WhatsApp chatbot on Glific. Through the bootcamp, we promise NGOs to get their chatbot up and running with two days of in-person hand holding. 

Among the 70 NGOs, 14 have successfully secured a spot in the bootcamp. These NGOs are working in various areas of education, livelihood, climate action and civic awareness, waste management and disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development. Through our 1:1 conversations with these NGOs, we saw a need where Glific can support these NGOs to automate processes and conversations. 

Two day’s agenda is tailored to the needs of the NGOs and will hand-hold them on making them independent on running the chatbot by themselves. We are looking forward to a cross collaborative environment for NGOs to share their learnings and learn from each other. NGOs are encouraged to keep an impact lens and think about what type of data they want to collect from running a chatbot. They are also encouraged to see chatbots as part of their core offerings so that they holistically evaluate the impact they are creating from the program. Post bootcamp, we will support this cohort with knowledge and support sessions to help them launch their pilot successfully.

Here’s a brief about our new NGO partners and their focus areas-

Magic Bus Foundation– Magic Bus supports young people from their childhood to livelihood and eventually helps them come out of poverty. It empowers young people through life skills education and basic literacy and numeracy skills. 

Goonj focuses on the efficient utilization of underutilized and excess resources to promote community development. Goonj’s initiatives include providing essential items like clothing, sanitary napkins, and educational materials to underserved communities, disaster relief efforts, and promoting sustainable livelihoods through various projects.

Story Weaver, Pratham Books works towards providing access to story books to children for free across multiple different languages. Their mission of ‘A book in every child’s hand’ is aimed towards creating free resources to be used by children to read content in their mother tongue.

Reiyukai Knowledge Foundation is an educational trust solving the problem of accessibility of quality education in Assam. The foundation runs BrainTree International School which focuses on early childhood education, innovation in education and research and development in education.

Transform Schools aims to improve learning outcomes for secondary-school children in India in partnership with Governments, Technical Experts, Researchers and Non-profits across the education ecosystem. Currently working in six states in India, they have impacted 9.1Million children with improved learning outcomes. 

Rebuild India Fund, a Dasra’s initiative is dedicated to holistic community development in India. Through various initiatives, they support grassroot NGOs with funding and capacity building. They support 100+ new grassroots NGOs across India each year with a GEDI lens (Gender, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion).

TIP Sessions: A UNESCO green citizen project, TIP Sessions enables community led climate action. They foster dialogue and work towards climate action, civic awareness, and a circular economy in the local communities of Karnataka.

Shohratgarh Environmental Society: A 30 year old organisation committed to bring grassroot level impact in agriculture, food security, livelihood, health, education, disaster mitigation, WASH and environment. SES has been actively engaged in various community development programmes, addressing issues of children, women, youth & unprivileged groups.

TRRAIN (Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India) plays a pivotal role in enhancing the lives of retail associates in India. They provide skill development opportunities, promote ethical practices within the retail sector, and aim to improve the overall working conditions for retail workers.

Waatavaran Foundation is actively engaged in environmental advocacy and conservation efforts. They take on critical ecological challenges, promote sustainable living, and advocate for environmental responsibility.

Waste Warriors Society: Committed to addressing waste pollution, Waste Warriors Society strives to create awareness about responsible waste management practices in the Himalayan region. They have cleaned and managed waste in 20+ locations, collecting and recycling 200+ tons of waste annually.

Jan Suraaj: Jan Suraaj’s mission revolves around social welfare and community development. They run political awareness campaigns aimed at uplifting the underprivileged, promoting education, healthcare, and sustainable livelihoods.

Life-Labs emphasizes the importance of science literacy to combat inequity and empower individuals for informed decision-making. Their ambitious goal for the next 5 years is to enhance science education quality for 1 million children, particularly focusing on rural regions.

Spark A Change Foundation aims to close educational gaps by delivering a strong curriculum through educated volunteers and enriching co-curricular activities for holistic development. In 7 years, they have worked with 1000+ children and have run various in school initiatives.

Our team is looking forward to working with our newest NGO partners and we hope to create a learning experience for them.

If you are looking to launch your WhatsApp chatbot service, or have questions on how Glific can be part of your program, reach out to us at sneha.trivedi@glific.org or schedule a meeting to know more. 

Glific is an open-source, DPG recorgnised platform for managing and automating communication on WhatsApp, allowing you to efficiently interact with stakeholders at scale. 

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