SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

Glific Sprint – Collaboration, Community building, Cross-learning and knowledge sharing

By Vivek Amola


It’s always a great experience to meet our NGO partners in Glific sprints and learn about their experiences, challenges, and the impact they bring with Glific.

Though we are connected with all of them virtually via meeting or in our NGO support group, meeting in person does help to understand their obstacles and challenges more clearly.

In this sprint as well we had daily tech talks and NGO sessions. The cross-learning and community building are the core of our sprints and when NGOs share their solutions that getting used to solving a social problem it’s a lot to learn and understand.

Aparna (Stir Education), Sebastian (Aam Digital), Nadeem & Vinitha (SNEHA), and Abhideep (Gramvaani)
Aparna (Suno Sunao), Vandana (Bhumi), Rishi (Quest Alliance), and David (IDinsight)

Apart from all the tech talks and NGO sessions, this time we also arranged a round table session between NGOs and the Glific team, which really helped in breaking the ice. NGOs did share what new feature or use-case they are looking for in the future in Glific

There was a power of collaboration in this exercise in which we all are thinking in one direction, to grow Glific with more relevant features for the NGO sector.

I also got an opportunity to discuss our recent experiment with Exotel (IVR) and Glific integration with a few NGO folks (Bhumi, Key Education Foundation, Stir Education). It was a fruitful discussion, hearing about their queries and suggestions really gave an idea of how we can explore more possibilities with IVR and Glific. Glific <> IVR Integration

Apart from that this sprint also gave me an opportunity to meet with the Tech4dev members and have an insightful discussion regarding cultures and their origin story in Tech4dev. It was again a lot to learn from their experience and thought processes.

And like all the sprints, the outing, and food are always awesome. Going out to Robbers cave is something that everyone enjoyed.

Looking forward to the next sprint already 🙂

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