One of the biggest updates – Interactive messages comes with Glific v2.0

Abhishek Sharma

JULY 19, 2021


If you looked at the Glific platform 6 months back and today, you’d know the rapid updates we’ve been making. The platform is growing leaps & bounds, empowering NGOs to build automated conversations for program delivery. The features together solve about 90% of the challenges in interacting with communities. At the same time, NGOs needing more features specific to their organisation have been utilising Glific team’s consulting services. This has resulted in a voice bot being developed by Digital Green for their programs. Other than DG’s voice bot, we have brought a major and some minor changes to Glific as follows:

Updates and Fixes

  1. Interactive messages: These make it even more easy for you to have guided conversations with your community. Instead of typing, end-users can tap on the button to send responses. There are two types of interactive responses – quick replies and lists(read more here). This was a much awaited feature to come to WhatsApp Business API. Glific has already integrated it and made it available to all our users.
  2. Export flows: Now you can also export your flows from your Glific account. This makes it easy to share the flows with others. Or if you’re experimenting and creating flows on staging account, then you can down your work. We’re coming up with importing flows very soon.
  3. Support for audio bot: The platform is a lot more capable for other organisations to build their voice bot too, from the work done with Digital Green.
  4. Mobile compatibility: Glific is a lot more usable on mobile phones than before. We’ve made significant improvements which have also been validated by other NGOs.
  5. Split flow by collection: After putting contacts into different collections, you can also segregate the flow specific to them. You simply seed to add a node for splitting flow by collection and then plan different messages for different collections like so:
  6. Few fixes:
    1. Audio files weren’t playing in safari
    2. Updates to some icons for a crisp experience
    3. Context messages look better and easier to read
    4. Unpublished flows show in red so that it’s easier to note.

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