An open source, two-way communication platform for NGOs to interact with 1000s of beneficiaries at the same time

The product
concept video

Watch an overview of all the features of Glific and how it helps with two-way communication at scale.

Why Glific?

Cost effective and
easy to adopt
Online monitoring or communicating with beneficiaries is cumbersome and expensive. No such cost-effective solution exists in the marketplace today.
Enable communication
at scale
NGOs can communicate with beneficiaries manually or automated making it convenient, effective, and allowing them to scale their operations.
Helping the Social
The COVID crisis required NGOs to pivot & deliver their programming via online channels. Glific can deliver content to beneficiaries and engage them in conversations, such as: personal conversations, feedback on current activities, suggestions on future activities.
Extend and integrate
other solutions
Glific is flexible to integrate other applications that improve the workflows, using API integrations or web-hooks. It is open to be customised, extended and new functionalities to be added to meet individual NGOs needs.

Key features

Automated conversation flow

You can setup automated responses for a large part of the repeating conversations. Flows can be created to match the guidance users need.

Analytics and reports

You can track various metrics to understand the effectiveness of your programs.

Organisation setup

You can onboard your staff and extended network user to the application with a controlled access level. You can assign a staff to conversations.

Support for multiple languages

You can setup automated conversations and send manual messages in regional languages as preferred by your audience.

Early adopters

These NGOs started early and supported in building Glific the right way.

Built on WhatsApp Business API
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Built on WhatsApp Business API
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Open source

Glific is 100% open source software, we embrace strong values of community, collaboration and transparency for the mutual benefit of both our users and the platform.

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Managed solutions

These are the validated SaaS providers approved by Tech4Dev. Other than hosting Glific yourself, you can reach out to these SaaS platforms.

If you’d like to be a solution provider, talk to us.

Write to us

If you have any queries, feature suggestions, or want to discuss how Glific is right for you, please drop a message and we’ll get back to you soon.