How to start

You want to interact with a large number of people across all regions. Thousands & thousands of beneficiaries getting your program benefits by engaging with your chatbot.

You need to do these to begin:

1. Identify your use case & process

You can apply the chatbot wherever you see a scope of talking to 1000s of people. 

Such as grievance redressal, counselling, health awareness, or delivering education material.

Specifically, create a conversation flow you would want for your end-users.

Here are a few samples:

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2. Get access to WhatsApp business API

You need a phone number for your end users to message at. 

You will need your Facebook business manager verified and then create your Gupshup account(for WhatsApp Business API access). WhatsApp chatbot cannot really be launched without this step.

This generally takes about 4-5 days to complete. After that setting up your Glific account is just one day away.


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3. Set up your conversation flows & launch

You simply need to set up the conversation flows onto Glific, which you identified in the first step.

It’s easy to set up the messages you’d like to send to your end-users and receive a response from them. You can then send another message based on their response. And, there! Your flow is ready for end-users.

The best approach for your WhatsApp engagements is to run it with a 50-100 contacts, observe the interaction, iterate it, then scale up to 1000s. Analyse and measure the conversation for more impact.

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