We believe
Meaningful communication
is the cornerstone
of human welfare
And digital advancement should advantage the marginalised.

We are building an open-source, WhatsApp based, two-way communication platform to enable impactful programs reach communities.

Non profits can use Glific to send high-quality, relevant and timely information to their communities at a low cost. Glific aims to empower social impact organisations to act decisively and quickly on grassroots information through a range of features ranging from automated responses to comprehensive analytics.

Glific has been developed under
Project Tech4Dev initiative of Chintu Gudiya Foundation, by multiple Tech4Dev partners in India working on the platform as core teams such as ColoredCow, Web Access, Soft Corner, and Think201 along with many contributors.


Abhishek Nair

Product Manager

Akhilesh Negi

Backend Developer

Donald Lobo


Erica Arya

Head of Operations

Krishna Dwibhashi

Product Manager

Mohd Shamoon

Frontend Engineer

Mohit Sharma

Support Lead

Mohit Gusain

Consulting Engineer

Pankaj Agrawal

Tech Lead

Siddhant Singh

Backend Developer

Sneha Trivedi

Business Development & Sales Lead

Vivek Amola

Program Manager