affordable cost, invaluable impact.
Pricing Model
Total costing has two required components - the platform and messaging fee as described below. And two optional components BigQuery and Data Studio, which are used to track and monitor your program.
Gli fic Platform fe es
One time setup Rs. 15000 5hr consulting 1hr onboarding
Bill monthly
Payment mode: credit card
Rs. 7,500/mo upto 250k messages, upto 10 staff
Bill quarterly
Payment mode: check or NEFT. This is pre-billed for the quarter
Rs. 22,500/3 mo
upto 250k messages, upto 10 staff per month
Bill yearly
Payment mode: check or NEFT. This is pre-billed for the year.
Rs. 82,500/yr
Rs. 90,000/mo
upto 250k messages, upto 10 staff per month
Additional charges(pay per use)*** Rs. 150/mo For every staff member over 10
Rs. 10/mo For every 1K messages, upto 1Mn messages
Rs. 10/mo For every 1K messages, over 1Mn messages
Your total monthly Glific charges are capped at Rs. 75,000 ($1000)
Gupshup Messaging
Gupshup is our business service provider for the WhatsApp Business API.
Charges under this head cover Gupshup’s charges and WhatsApp’s charges.

0.7265 Rs per Marketing conversations*

0.2906 Rs per Service (all user-initiated) conversations**

0.3082 Rs per Utility conversations

0.30 Rs per Authentication conversations

Free: First 1,000 Service Conversations conversations per month per WABA

Free: Conversations starting from Ads that click to WhatsApp or Facebook page CTAs

For messaging volumes greater than 75K, Gupshup caps the charges at $75, and beyond this, there’s unlimited free messaging after capping reached. WhatsApp fee will be charged at actuals.
To calculate your cost as per your usage, please visit this link and use calculator.

* Indian rates as per the Meta [view pricing]. These are extra rates not included in the basic monthly cost.
** Please read about Business/User initiated conversations here and see example here.
Google BigQuery pricing : Google BigQuery is what we use to store and access all the data generated through the chatbot. On the Google BigQuery pricing page, you can find information about the various pricing options for BigQuery, including on-demand pricing and flat-rate pricing . You can also use the pricing calculator to estimate your costs based on your usage.

Many NGOs are concerned about the cost of setting up BigQuery. They are worried about running up a bill. In reality BigQuery provides a very generous free tier that you will find will suffice for several months. You need not worry till your storage exceeds 10GB and queries 1TB / month!

Google also sends notifications before billing you and provides you mechanisms like quotas to help control price. Learn more about these here :
Google Datastudio: Google Data Studio is a free tool for creating interactive reports and dashboards. When you use BigQuery as a data source in Data Studio, the cost of your BigQuery usage will depend on the queries executed as a result of your Data Studio reports and dashboards. If your reports and dashboards involve complex or frequent queries, the cost of your BigQuery usage may increase.

Glific consulting: Features and use cases specific to your organisation can be implemented on consulting basis. We will provide you a cost estimate for your approval before building it for you.

Hourly consulting rates 0-10 hrs INR 3500/hr
10-50 hrs INR 3000/hr
50+ hrs INR 2500/hr