Glific is a free, libre, open source platform. As such you can download and use the codebase for free. While the platform per se is free, it is built on the WhatsApp Business API and there is a cost involved with sending and receiving messages via WhatsApp Business API. The exact cost of this depends on your Business Service Provider (BSP).
Business service provider
Glific today uses as its BSP. Gupshup rates for India are 0.1 cent (7.5 paise) to either send or receive a session message and 0.5 cent (38 paise) to send an HSM message. Thus for example if your NGO is in touch with 1000 beneficiaries sending/receiving 40 messages from each of them and sending 10 nudge messages to them, your messaging cost will be $90 (INR 6,750)


For messaging volumes greater than 750,000 we have an agreement with Gupshup to cap charges at $750, and beyond this, only HSMs will be charged at WhatsApp pricing.
SaaS platform
SaaS platform run by ColoredCow can be availed at the pricing model mentioned here.
Glific consulting

For technical support to extend Glific features and offerings that are specific your organisation, you can also reach out to the ColoredCow team to assist you at their consulting prices mentioned here.