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Conversation designer

You can plan your content in an easy to use conversation designer with a drag & drop functionality. You can make your message sound as if coming from you and not a machine.

Regional language & rich media

Send messages as per the users’ preferred language. So the same conversation can be deployed in various regions at once. You can make the messaging rich with images, videos, stickers, audio notes and documents.


Make the conversations relevant to end-users by taking them on a flow that’s personalised to their choices. Use their names and refer to what you know about them in the content.

Data & Key metrics reporting

You have a complete, secure & private access to all your data. You can build insightful reports to learn about users behaviour patterns specific to your programs.


When you want to send messages to a user at a specific time, you can schedule those in advance which can be recurring periodically or sent one time – upto your program.


You can hook any third party or your in-house applications with Glific to build automations and run the program the way you’d want to with complete extensibility.

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