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Glific Product Demo

04:10 min

Glific product demo video V1.0

4:09 min

Glific product demo video V1.0

4:09 min

Glific product demo video V0.3

5:47 min

Glific product demo video V0.3

5:47 min

Glific product demo video V0.2

5:30 min

Glific product demo video V0.2

5:30 min

Glific product demo video V0.1

5:55 min

Glific product demo video V0.1

5:55 min


Rich media

Glific supports images, videos, audio messages, documents and stickers to be sent to your end-users. Your content delivery program can be lot more inclusive and enriched, with media. You can include a link to media from your GCS account or upload directly from your computer. Read more

Multiple language

You can set up automated messages or send manual messages in the language your beneficiaries need. You can also set default language based on their preference and change it at any time.

Collection of contacts - automatically & manually

You can put a bunch of contacts in collections, based on their common interest or category. You can take a collective action for the group like send a blast message to all at once etc… Read more


Once you’ve setup your automated messages, you can test how your beneficiaries will experience the chatbot, on the simulator. If you’re happy with the flow, you can launch it.

HSM templates

You can submit WhatsApp template messages for approval from Glific. HSM templates allow you to revive conversations after 24 hr session window, and allow you to use buttons in your message. Read more

Assign staff members to conversations

You can give your staff relevant access and assign them to manage conversations with an individual or a collection of contacts.

There’s no limit on the staff members you can onboard.

Advanced search capability

To handle conversations at scale, you can search for specific conversations to make sure all of them are responded to. Advanced search allows you to flexibly find the conversations. Read more

Analytics & reporting

You can customise analytical reports based on the data points of the users to track of their interaction with the platfrom. This will help you understand user behaviour and make course-corrections for a greater impact.

Schedule messages

You can schedule messages in advance, which can trigger at the time defined by you. You can customize for it to repeat on specific days of the week. Read more

Language option for interface

You and your staff can use the Glific interface in English or Hindi as per your comfort. Changing the language is quick and easy.

Record audio messages

You can record an audio/voice message directly from the application, provided you have your Google Cloud Storage (GCS) integration. Audio messages gets automatically saved to GCS.

Block contacts

You can block a spammy contact to stop receiving messages from them and remove them from your main list of contacts

System alerts

Any error produced in the system can be viewed in a notifications section marked by priority of attention it needs – warning or critical.

Speed sends

If you need to send the same message again and again to many beneficiaries, you can save that message and send it quickly from the chat screen. Read more


Tags can be assigned to messages from users to categorize them and find them quickly when required.
You can add the tags manually or keywords can be defined for automatic assignment.

Google sheet integration for flows (Upcoming feature)

Content distribution is easier with Google sheets integration. You can automatically populate content for automated messages without much manual effort. You can prepare the content well in advance and link it with automation flow builder.