Session window

When Beneficiaries(end-users) send NGOs a text message a 24 hours window is created....

FEBRUARY 02, 2021

Load Test Using k6

Moving forward with Glific development now we have started thinking about testing the...

SEPTEMBER 28, 2020

Reimagining communication with your Beneficiaries

This article is co-authored with  Manish Manohar, Tech Lead, Saajha Re-imagining your style of...

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020

Overview: Deploying Glific on AWS ECS fargate with CD in place

The Glific project is being built by a distributed team, working across timezones....

SEPTEMBER 09, 2020

Glific v0.3 takes off …

A new month, a new glific release.  Really like the pace and duration...

SEPTEMBER 07, 2020

Summer Intern Report from Cindy Z

Hi everyone! I’m Cindy, a rising junior at UC Berkeley studying Business and...

AUGUST 22, 2020

Aligning design with product goals

When we started with Glific, we had a bunch of feature ideas in...

AUGUST 17, 2020

Glific Summer Internship Report

Hi everyone! My name is Calvin and I’m currently a rising senior at...

AUGUST 07, 2020

Glific v0.2 has landed

The Glific team is happy to announce the arrival of v0.2, a significant...

AUGUST 03, 2020

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