Digital Green Voicebot Journey with Glific

Since the time Glific has been launched, many NGOs have started their journey...

MARCH 14, 2022

Glific Sprint: An opportunity to connect with NGOs

- This blog post is written by Vivek Amola and Mohd Shamoon from...

MARCH 09, 2022

Helping differently-abled households through Chatbot

Nayi Disha is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower and educate...

MARCH 04, 2022

Implementation for the AI driven bot that promotes a healthy lifestyle

Arogya World is a US-based global health non-profit organization working to prevent non-communicable...

FEBRUARY 16, 2022

Influencing healthy behaviours on WhatsApp through AI driven nudges

About the project Arogya World is running their Diabetes awareness program. It consists...

FEBRUARY 09, 2022

How custom dashboard can boost your Chatbot

A chatbot for an NGO can be a godsend for keeping in touch...

FEBRUARY 03, 2022

Reaching farmers directly, scaling reach, reducing time to get analytics from months to seconds

This case study has been prepared in conversation with Erica Arya, the program...

NOVEMBER 08, 2021

How custom DataStudio Reports can contribute to building foundations for lifelong learning

“The most sustainable way to build the foundations of lifelong learning among children...

NOVEMBER 03, 2021

Labels for sent messages, support for monthly triggers in Glific 2.4

As conversational programs grow wide and deep, need for new capabilities on the...

OCTOBER 22, 2021

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