7 Things you must know about using WhatsApp chatbot

Here are a few things you should note when planning to use WhatsApp...

JULY 18, 2022

Glific Sprint – Collaboration, Community building, Cross-learning and knowledge sharing

It’s always a great experience to meet our NGO partners in Glific sprints...

SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

Experiments with Frappe as CRM in Glific

For the past few months, we have been working with Reap Benefit to...

SEPTEMBER 19, 2022

Visualizing citizen engagement of Chatbot

Imagine a nation where problems encountered by locals could be collected in one...

AUGUST 31, 2022

First talk at IndiaFOSS

FOSS is Free Open source software and they organised a conference in Bangalore...

AUGUST 02, 2022

How to leverage IVR system calls in Glific and connect with your users more effectively.

This blog post is written by Vivek Amola and Mohit Gusain In Glific...

AUGUST 02, 2022

My IndiaFOSS experience

I am a big fan of conferences as I always get to know...

AUGUST 02, 2022

R Mapping and Leaflet

So recently we got this project where we have to build some of...

JULY 26, 2022

Google ASR

To start with I recently joined the Glific Team and started working with...

JULY 25, 2022

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