A Day of Learning and Collaboration: My Glific City Meet-up Experience!


JULY 24, 2023


This blog is written by Kriti Rakheja, Product Manager at Dost Education

This was my second time meeting and working with the Glific team in person, and it was great to see everyone again! The first time was at the Glific quarterly sprint in Goa back in January. I was sad to miss the sprint in Udaipur, so I was more than excited to attend the city meet up in Delhi NCR.

Despite the weather gods seemingly conspiring against us with rain alerts and flooding warnings, nothing could dampen our spirits. A special shout-out to the incredible Muskan, who traveled all the way from Himachal just to be there with us! Your dedication truly inspired all of us ⭐️.

I represent Dost Education, an organization empowering parents to take charge of their child’s early education, regardless of their literacy level. We create short, friendly audio content that reaches parents where they already are: their mobile phones. Our program called ‘Parvarish’ provides caregivers of children from birth up to six years of age with information on how to care for their children through phone calls. The program aims to transform caregivers into responsible ones.

We utilize the Aanganwadi network to implement the program on the ground. The Aanganwadi Workers (AWWs) we worked with sometimes struggled to convey the program’s essence effectively. To address this, we have developed and launched a WhatsApp bot that trains the AWWs about the program and how to onboard parents. This provides them instant support, making their lives easier and the program more successful (hopefully).

We work with an organization called Goalkeep, which helps teams build data culture. They assisted us in taking a data-driven approach, from designing the key questions to outlining the program outputs, measuring them, and subsequently using the insights to learn, improve, and iterate. I’m glad that I got the opportunity to share our process and results with everyone, hope it helped in getting a little bit closer to measuring their goals.

We are also currently in the process of designing a learning experience for parents on WhatsApp, so the city meet-up was perfect timing! Not only did we learn about basic and advanced features provided by Glific, but also tested the experiences created by other organizations. This was a great way to collaboratively learn from each other’s strengths and mistakes.

The Glific team also took this opportunity to gain insight into our experience with using Glific – what is working well, what is frustrating, and what improvements we would like to see. Not to forget, Glific has recently launched some great features especially the mobile app and the ticketing system that our team is excited to try out and incorporate into our day-to-day practices.

Huge shoutout to the Glific team for making this happen. I am excited for the upcoming city meet-ups and to continue learning, growing, and innovating together!

P.S. My car got towed and I had to pay a fine, but that’s a story for another time 🙂

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