Better collaboration among staff – Glific v2.1

Abhishek Sharma

AUGUST 19, 2021


We’re bringing you some useful updates to make it easier for your staff members to work together on the platform. Here are some of those updates:

  1. Flow lock and release: Even with limited access to editing the flows provided only to admins, there were times where multiple admins were editing the flow and overwriting each other’s progress. We’ve made it better to manage those updates. Now, if a staff member is editing a flow, the other staff trying to edit the same flow will get alerted. Multiple staff members cannot edit one flow at the same time any more.

  2. Message sent by: With multiple staff members managing the system it was not easy to distinguish who sent the message. So now, below each message we show the name of message sender, even if it was a part of the flow.

  3. Better integration of labels with chats: Earlier when you labelled an incoming message in the flow editor, you had to check on BigQuery for all the messages that were labelled. Now you can see it on the chat window. This allows you to have a better visibility of your flows setup. You can also search for all the conversations containing a label. This makes it really easy for you to filter and manage conversations.

  4. Filter for approved, pending and rejected templates: When using the system frequently, templates list built up fast accumulating rejected, pending and approved templates. This made it challenging for some NGOs to see only the Approved ones, and hide the rejected templates from the screen. We’ve added a simple check so that you can choose which templates to see in the list.

  5. Added support to remove contact from all collections at once: When moving a contact to different collections, you may want to just remove their association from all collections, and selecting collections one at a time can be time consuming and confusing.

  6. Trigger fixes: Trigger was executing based on starting date and not the defined slot eg: if trigger is a weekly trigger and should trigger only on Mondays and it will start from 2nd of a month. Then trigger were executing on starting date as well irrespective of being a Monday. Also when existing trigger was updated with new dates, it was not getting reset. So if a trigger was set to execute at 4pm and it gets executed at 4pm, now when you update it at 5pm for it to trigger at 6pm, it will now execute for 6pm also as it was updated. Earlier if it was executed at 4pm then it was not executing for 6pm on same day but started from next day

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