Default flows, use variables in messages, TDS support for billing and more, in Glific v1.7

Abhishek Sharma

JUNE 23, 2021


For the second release of the month we’re covering some updates on billing, stronger integration of using information collected from users in the message via variables, enhancements with button support in templates, and the whole new default flows feature. Here they are in detail:

  • Using variables in template messages: When sending messages to a large number of people(in a collection) you may want to personalise it with the specific details of the end-user such as their name, age or any other information saved from their response. You can do this by selecting a contact variable when sending a regular or a template message. We’ve made it more user friendly to select a variable in a template message.
  • Default flow: Now you can also set up a default flow which will trigger when end-users aren’t in any flow, when their message doesn’t match any keyword, and the time of their message is as defined in the default flow section. This is especially helpful to cover various scenarios when you want to automate your response mechanism.
  • Added TDS support for billing: Monthly TDS deducted from the invoice.
  • Buttons with template are fully active from Glific: There was a bug earlier and the buttons weren’t showing up on the end-users’s whatsapp. This has been fixed. We’ll also be soon coming up with button in session messages.
  • Send message to a collection: We’ve made it easier to do so. You no longer need to visit the collection screen to send the message. There was also an error while using a variable in the message to a collection. This has been fixed.

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