JUNE 01, 2021

Dialog Flow integration, buttons support, contact field management and more, in Glific v1.6

By Abhishek Sharma


May has been an eventful month as well in Glific-land. As always, most of the features we’ve build (as listed below) are inspired from our interactions with NGO partners to help accomplish their use case better, smoother, with greater ease.

  1. Buttons support for template messages: Added support on the interface for staff and admin to see buttons interaction by the end-users. Earlier you would see the template messages without buttons, same as the submitted format.

  2. Natural language processing with Dialog Flow: With few NGOs wanting to test ML/NLP we’ve integrated Dialog Flow which can be used in flows to send responses to end-users based on their intent when a specific keyword doesn’t match. Check it out under split by intent 

  3. System alerts: We renovated the way alerts and errors generated in the system are displayed. We’ve categorised them as warnings and critical and provided an easy click action to navigate to where the error occurred.

  4. Activate/Disable a flow: When a flow is not in use, you can simply untick the `is active` checkbox. This way, end-users sending the keyword will not be able to trigger that flow if you didn’t want that.

  5. Contact fields: While creating flows, you might be creating many contact fields such as @contact.fields.name for name to save data. Now you can manage all these contact fields from one screen and even edit any field. such as changing @contact.fields.name to @contact.fields.contact_name

  6. Webhooks update: Added support to fetch dynamic variable for the get request. 

  7. Parent/child variables in flows: Added support for fetching flow level variable in parent and child flow. Thus the user input stored in child flow can be accessed in parent flow and vice versa.

  8. Upload attachment from flow editor: Now you can also  upload attachments from your device in flows, provided that your GCS (google cloud storage) account is integrated.

To contact us, please write to glific@chintugudiya.org or hit the message us button at the top.

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