First talk at IndiaFOSS

Pankaj Agrawal

AUGUST 02, 2022


FOSS is Free Open source software and they organised a conference in Bangalore on 23-34 of July. I always feel that these the conferences like FOSS really help to develop a community.

This was the 2 second FOSS conference in India and fortunately, I got a chance to talk about Glific on this big platform. So I and Shamoon went to Bangalore to attend this conference.

Shamoon captured the conference details very nicely in this blog. So I won’t be repeating all those great things we did in Bangalore.

I have been to many conferences before but I must say this was a bit different. Since this was an open-source community I really enjoyed talking to them and hearing about their perspective on the open-source community. 

My talk experience:

We only had 10 min to talk about Glific and it was a bit tough for me on what to add to my presentation (I mean it should be product or tech only). Finally, I was able to set a balance in the PPT of both things. Erica Arya helped me a lot with that. You can access the PPT here

I gave the talk and it was nice to see that people are interested in what we are building for the last two years and hear more about it. I had some very interesting discussions about Glific after the talk.

I also discussed how we can make Glfiic more developer friendly so that we can get more and more contributions and got really nice suggestions like dockerize the code, writing more blogs/documentation on our thought process on the code architecture, removing the Oban licence dependency from the code etc. Will definitely work on those things in the near future. 

There were some talks on GIS and Geo data (like Democratising Open (Geo)Data for Open Innovation and Solutioning) which gave me some more insights on how we can enable OSM and all which can help the organizations working with locations like Reap benefit and Shelter.

I also got to know about some awesome open-source projects like karate which we use in our project for different purposes.

Overall it was a great experience and thanks to the FOSS team to organize such a great. Looking forward to participating more in future FOSS events.

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