Labels for sent messages, support for monthly triggers in Glific 2.4

Abhishek Sharma

OCTOBER 22, 2021


As conversational programs grow wide and deep, need for new capabilities on the platform surfaces. Here’s announcing two such feature additions:

  1. Label sent messages: So far you could only label incoming messages using the Label incoming messages node which was placed after the Wait for response node. The use of labels is diverse and important for tracking the conversations, and measuring user behaviours. Such as when you want to mark that a person completed a session, or want to mark if a staff member needs to answer the contact’s query etc… We realised there may be a case where you may want to label outgoing messages. Now you will find this option in the Send message node itself. However, there’s no change to the process of adding labels to incoming messages.

  2. Support for monthly triggers: We’ve added support for adding monthly triggers. So far you could only add weekly or daily triggers but if your program design requires sending messages monthly, you will able to do so. The changes on interface will follow soon.
  3. Import/export flow fixes: Importing and exporting flows after changes to flow names caused errors. It’s been fixed now.

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