FEBRUARY 02, 2021

Session window

By glificuser


When Beneficiaries(end-users) send NGOs a text message a 24 hours window is created. During this 24 hours window only, NGOs can send a freeform(non-template) message to the beneficiary. This session window lasts for 24 hours after the last inbound message NGOs receive from beneficiaries.

Outside this session window, NGOs can only send templates(HSM templates) to the beneficiaries, that are pre-approved  by Whatsapp. If they happen to respond to it, the session window will kick off again for the next 24 hours.

Session window on Glific interface

You can check session time on the top right of the chat screen or next to the name in the chats list. It’s marked with a red circle in the following image. Here session just started for the beneficiary.

Session window started

In the next image the session window is expired. 

Session window expired

If the beneficiaires haven’t opted in or if they opt-out, NGOs will not be able to communicate with them unless they opt-in again or message you first.

Beneficiary opted out

The cost of session and template messages is different

Template messaging:

  • WhatsApp fee is 0.0042
  • Gupshup fee (for outgoing text/media up to 64KB) is 0.0010
  • Additional Gupshup media fee (for outgoing media above 64KB) is 0.001 / 5 MB

Session messaging:

  • Whatsapp fee is 0.0000
  • Gupshup fee (for outgoing text/media up to 64KB and all incoming text/media) is 0.0010 USD
  • Additional Gupshup media fee (for outgoing media above 64KB) is 0.001 USD / 5 MB

*Session messaging fee is applicable for both incoming & outgoing messages (text and media with/without captions)*

Cost of attachments is as follow:

  • Outgoing media larger than 5MB, up to 10MB is 0.0020 USD/attachment
  • Outgoing media larger than 10MB, up to 15MB is 0.0030 USD/attachment
  • Outgoing media larger than 15MB, up to 20MB is 0.0040 USD/attachment
  • Outgoing media larger than 20MB, up to 25MB is 0.0050 USD/attachment
  • Outgoing media larger than 100MB is not allowed

Source:- Gupshup

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