Narratives to help you succeed

My first Glific Sprint


APRIL 12, 2023

Key Education Foundation- Understanding user behaviour with AB testing


MARCH 09, 2023

Antarang Foundation AB tests their user registration process using the Split Randomly Node


FEBRUARY 21, 2023

20 seconds of courage: Our Journey at Impulse 2023 representing Project Tech4Dev


FEBRUARY 10, 2023

Boosting Indus Action’s Tech-Enabled Caregiver Program in Tamil Nadu using Gsheet Integration

Akhilesh Negi

JANUARY 26, 2023

Journey to the innovation at Goa beach: Glific WhatsApp chatbot boot camp


JANUARY 25, 2023

Hands on support to adopt WhatsApp chatbot for social impact – Glific bootcamps

Abhishek Sharma

JANUARY 23, 2023

Discovering New Horizons : Dost Education in Glific Sprint Jan’ 23


JANUARY 23, 2023

A/B testing your flows using the ‘Split Randomly’ node.

Abhishek Nair

JANUARY 02, 2023

My first month at Tech4Dev

Sneha Trivedi

DECEMBER 27, 2022