A Glimpse into Education- Visit to ILP’s Career Counselling Program | A Learning Experience

Sangeeta Mishra

SEPTEMBER 26, 2023



In the peaceful countryside of Bagalakunte, a small village, you’ll find Bagalakunte Government High School. It was my first visit to walk into this school. It felt  like a place where kids are encouraged to ask questions, learn new things, and chase their dreams.
I was truly amazed by how much effort the students and teachers put in and how closely connected the school community is.

There are countless organizations working tirelessly to bridge the educational divide and make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children. The India Literacy Project (ILP) is one such organization that has been on a mission to eradicate illiteracy and provide quality education to the marginalized communities of India.

I will take you on a virtual journey through our visit to Bagalakunte  Government High School and India Literacy Project, where we witnessed incredible work and also shared our observations and recommendations with the ILP Team.

DAY – 1- Visit to Bagalakunte Government High School

The Warm Welcome:

As we entered the school premises, We were greeted by a warm welcome from the students and teachers alike. The school was completely neat and clean and students were also taking care of the cleanliness of the school premises by doing their cleaning duty every morning.
The ILP ( India Literacy Project ) team had also accompanied me and Krishna to the school for a career program counseling.

A Diverse Learning Experience:

One of the most striking aspects of Bagalakunte Government High School is its infrastructure and capacity of holding 3000 students.
Comparing government schools now to how they were 10 years ago, it’s clear that there have been significant improvements in several areas like:

Quality of Education: Government schools have made strides in improving the quality of education.They not only focus on academics but also on the extra curricular activities. They also make sure to help the student to choose the right path for and also fulfill their aim in life.
Access to Resources: Students now have better access to textbooks, learning materials, and libraries. This helps in enhancing their knowledge and understanding.

Mid-Day Meals and Welfare Programs: The Government has taken a essential action of proving a glass of milk to all students at 10 AM every morning which will not only boosts their energy but also contributes to their overall health improved concentration.I was so amazed to see ISKON has taken the initiative for the mid meals for the students. A plate of rice and sambar for lunch not only satisfies your taste buds but also provides a nutritious and balanced meal, rich in essential nutrients and fiber, promoting good health.

Interactive Learning:

During our visit, We had the privilege of observing some of the classes in action. What stood out was the emphasis on interactive learning.ILP took a 3 hours career counseling session where they also shared detailed information about Career Guidance Chart,Career Website,Career Mobile App,Career ChatBot,Career Planner,Self Discovery WorkBook on a powerpoint presentation followed up with some informative video clips and activities.

The Career Guidance Chart is displayed in the school’s common area for students so that they can refer to it during their breaks and leisure time. Career Planner is always available in the school Library, whichever student wants to go through it can easily get its issued from the Library.

In addition to that, they have 3 digital medium through which student can access the content- Website, Mobile app & Chatbot. 

ILP uses Glific for running their whatsapp chatbot which has career guidance related content (courses, scholarships, different career paths/opportunities etc) which the student can access at any point and also ask questions to the counselors from the team.

ILP encouraged students to ask questions, share ideas, and engage in discussions.

A Bright Future:

As I bid farewell to the school, I couldn’t help but feel optimistic about the future. Bagalakunte Government High School  and ILP, which is inspiring more than 3 million students, is not just shaping young minds; it is molding future leaders, thinkers, and change-makers who will undoubtedly make a positive impact on society.

Following this, our next day was set to include a visit to the ILP Office, where we planned to discuss the work, challenges, future plans and see how the learnings/observations from today would help. You can read more on the discussion at our office visit here.

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