Empowering Social Impact Through Technology: My Journey as a Fresher at Glific


JULY 18, 2023


Greetings! I’m Amisha, and I recently had the most amazing time at Glific. It’s an open-source two way communication platform that helps NGOs connect with their beneficiaries. I wanted to share my incredible experience with you and how technology can make a real difference in society.

Women In Tech: 

I have been a part of a program called Women In Tech which was initiated by the Project Tech4Dev in collaboration with ColoredCow and HyperVerge Academy. It was a fantastic initiative that created a supportive space for women in the tech industry. It made us feel confident and showed us that we have a lot to offer in the tech industry. It taught us valuable skills and made us realize how important it is to have diversity. Also gave us the power to believe in ourselves and know that we can make a difference in the field.

Discovering Glific’s Features:

In Glific I started my journey by contributing to Glific Docs repo and writing documentation of Ticketing System, Multiple User Profiles, and ChatGPT Integration features of Glific. That’s when I got to know a lot of its features, in just a short time. Let me share with you how these features have helped me understand Glific and how they are helping NGOs and why I’m excited about this journey and how far we’ve come.

Ticketing System: Making Things Easier Glific’s Ticketing System is a super helpful tool for NGOs to keep track of user requests which require human intervention, filling the gap of communication where traditional chatbot may fall short

Multiple User Profiles: With this feature, users can create multiple profiles on a single device, which is helpful for those who don’t have multiple devices at home.

Chat GPT Integration:  Glific’s ChatGPT Integration is helpful when we want bot to answer beneficiary questions in natural language through custom knowledgebase

When I first joined Glific, I was super excited about what lies ahead. The first few days were all about setting up the code on my machine. Luckily, I had an awesome mentor who was always there to help me out when I had questions or got stuck.

Sprint Engagements:

One of the best parts of my time at Glific Sprint was interacting with new people getting to know their stories and how Glific is helping NGOs, and how it ensures it meets the requirements of NGOs.

We regularly had sessions where we collaborated with people from different organizations. It was amazing to hear directly from NGOs about their experiences, challenges, and what they wanted from Glific. These sprints helped shape our development process and made us more aware of the impact we could have.

Also in the team sessions, I learned about new features and the long-term goals for Glific. It was fascinating to see the vision behind the platform and how it was evolving to better serve NGOs and the people they help.

Collaborating with NGOs in Empowering Sprints

But it wasn’t just about sitting in meetings and coding all the time. As part of our internship, we got to visit an NGO called Aajivika. They focus on helping migrant laborers and fighting for their rights. We also had the chance to see NGOs present their work during the visit. It was truly inspiring to see their dedication and the positive impact they were making in those people’s lives. It made me even more committed to using technology to create positive change.

The Udaipur visit

We had a fantastic trip to Udaipur. We visited the City Palace, which was absolutely amazing with its beautiful design and fascinating history. We also got to try the famous Raj Kachori, a super tasty local snack. We took a nice walk to Fatehsagar Lake, which was so peaceful and had stunning views. We didn’t miss the chance to visit Sajjangarh Fort. It was truly incredible!

The fort had amazing views of the city and the beautiful landscapes around it.

Besides exploring the City Palace and enjoying tasty Raj Kachori, we had a super fun night at the hotel with a delicious dinner. We also went shopping in the local market and bought traditional Udaipur dresses. It was such a special experience that we’ll always remember, and we got to fully enjoy the vibrant culture and traditions of Udaipur.

Connecting with the C4GT Community

During my time there, I also got to connect with the C4GT community. These were talented individuals who shared our passion for using technology for social impact. We had a lot of fun together as well, collaborating with them and exchanging ideas added an extra boost of motivation to my journey at Glific.


Overall, these experiences during the sprints and the NGO visit not only enhanced my understanding of the challenges faced by NGOs and their beneficiaries but also I’m excited about what future holds and how I can contribute to Glific’s mission of making communication better for NGOs. 

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