AUGUST 03, 2020

Glific v0.2 has landed

By Donald Lobo


The Glific team is happy to announce the arrival of v0.2, a significant step forward from v0.1, with a broad array of new features and improvements. For the uninitiated, Glific is our open-source, two-way communication platform that allows organizations to communicate with their beneficiaries at scale (100+) in an intuitive manner.

 You can watch the demo of the main features in v0.2 in this video

v0.2 Demo – Walkthrough of significant Glific features

Highlights of v0.2

  • Integration with FlowEditor from Nyaruka. This gives the NGO the power to customize and build multiple flows easily for the system.
  • Easy to send the same message to different contacts via speed-sends
  • This version focussed on ensuring that the interface matched the design specifications
  • Improved interfaces to create tags and hsm message templates.
  • Better Search capability, including the ability to manage collections of chats/contacts. (e.g. Unread, Not Responded etc)

Highlights from a developer perspective

  • Sustained Focus on Code Quality, Code Documentation and Continuous Integration
  • Ensuring the backend exposes clean and well defined APIs
  • Integration of a Continuous Deployment pipeline. This will allow us to onboard new users and have a demo server up and running by mid month

You can checkout our latest code at

We will be hosting out first webinar to showcase the platform on August 20th, 10:00 am IST. You can sign up here

We have started work with our first organization and will be deploying the product on a pilot phase starting this week. Exciting times indeed. If you are curious, you can take a peek at our v0.3 and beyond requirements document. We are also looking for NGOs who are interested in working with us to build the platform. If you have a good use case, please do get in touch with us at

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  1. Looks great! Congratulations on your progress.

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