Good News: Glific Wins Grant from CISCO to Help Your Chatbot Program Unleash the Powers of ChatGPT


AUGUST 10, 2023


We are thrilled to announce that Glific, a revolutionary product for NGOs in the space of education, skilling, providing assistance, support, behavioral nudges to the next billion, has been awarded a grant by CISCO. This milestone not just supports the continuous innovation of Glific’s offerings but also brings new opportunities in reshaping the relationship between non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and their beneficiaries. 

The recent grant support from CISCO will be used to boost educational interactions among the whopping 380K+ total learners – a number that NGOs using Glific have successfully impacted in the 2022-2023 period. With the help of this funding, Glific seeks to productise learnings, maximize behavioral insights from their partner NGOs, build a cross-sharing culture, and collectively learn and grow through distinct experiments in the space of implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbots, voice bots and chatbots to listen and speak in regional languages.

Yes, you read it right as part of their path-breaking approach, Glific is bringing to the table advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. This involves leveraging AI to develop predictive and generative features that will significantly improve interactivity and user experiences. Glific also aims to assist NGOs to leverage AI by developing these features, thereby improving their overall interactivity and user experience. 

Above is the image taken from the latest experiments being done by team from Myna Mahila in efforts towards building a chatbot to increase awareness on menstrual and reproductive health in women in a safe and anonymous manner. This chatbot is responding in Hinglish from a purely English based custom knowledge base of the organisation.

Read here to find how TAP integrated the power of ChatGPT within a span of 2 months, and here to see the template of how this experiment now can be replicated within a span of a week. This is paving the way for orgs to start rapidly experimenting with AI models like chatGPT to reduce the burden of content generation and offer tailored experiences to their target audience.

But this is not all! Glific is inviting you to join the collective of NGOs at the forefront of innovating with technology, umm lets call it CISCO / LLM Cohort (we are open for suggestions on a better name, join the club already 🙂 

So If you operate in the education, skills, schemes, delivering real time knowledge for support, direction or assistance or any space where you think leveraging powers of AI tools like ChatGPT can help you create a more meaningful impact in your target audiences, join us.

This cohort / collective of orgs will enable:

  • NGOs to leverage Large Language Model (LLM) integrations in ongoing chatbot programs at a rapid pace through our concentrated efforts over the next months
  • NGOs to experiment with conversational artificial intelligence and explore integrations it in already active apps/ tech stacks 
  • NGOs to experiment with creating voice bots akin to Bhashini Bot
  • NGOs to learn from each other’s experiments

Why now?

  • Do it together with Glific and the community of NGOs
  • Minimal cost consequences for your NGO
  • Push the boundaries of innovation within the development sector ecosystem with your own Artificial Intelligence for Bharat initiative .

About Glific 

Glific is established with a mission to redesign the interaction between NGOs and individuals benefiting from them, primarily by empowering NGOs with digital communication, behavioral insights, and shared learning opportunities. This has been actualised through Glific’s open-source two-way communication platform that unlocks access to WhatsApp, thereby connecting NGOs with their beneficiaries. Over 50% of Glific’s partner NGOs are engaged in education and skill development sectors.

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