NGOs are invited to join Glific’s in-person bootcamp to launch their WhatsApp chatbot in 2 days

Sneha Trivedi

AUGUST 10, 2023


After running one round of bootcamp this January, Glific has launched its second round of in-person bootcamp in August to support nonprofits in India to launch their WhatsApp chatbot. The bootcamp promises nonprofit organizations to get their chatbot up and running in two days with us. 

The experience of the two NGOs (Piramal Foundation and Shiksharth Trust) that joined us for the previous bootcamp was quite positive. Piramal Foundation was looking for a two way communication tool to connect with 1000+ hyperlocal NGOs across 112 districts under the Aspirational District Collaborative program initiated by Niti Aayog. After much struggle with the Facebook business manager verification process, the organisation was able to successfully create their first flows and test the platform during the bootcamp. 1:1 support and networking with NGOs was one of the biggest highlight of the bootcamp.

Listen to what Saurabh Singh, from Piramal Foundation, has to say about his experience at the January Glific Bootcamp.

After speaking with other NGOs that registered for the bootcamp, some of the reasons why they couldn’t attend the bootcamp was-

  • No funds to run a pilot– NGOs have mentioned that they do not have the funds to experiment with Glific due to cost being a major barrier to entry. High upfront cost that includes platform fee and WhatsApp fee (WhatsApp fee being a major implication on cost) has led to reduced participation.
  • Barrier in thinking about how this solution fits into my program– A lot of NGOs, we have spoken to in the past have questions around what should be the right usecase for us to explore on Glific? Deciding on the use case takes a lot of time and eventually they lose interest.

Our in-person bootcamp helps in overcoming these challenges faced by the NGOs. To overcome the barrier to entry, we have waived off our 3 months platform fee and set-up fee. We think these three months are a good time for an NGO to explore Glific, run a pilot and see if this is something that fits well with their programmatic long term vision. During this Bootcamp, we will equip NGOs with the necessary skills and knowledge to build, launch, and manage their very own WhatsApp chatbot. Our in-person events in Delhi and Mumbai will be led by our expert Glific team, ensuring NGOs receive personalized guidance throughout the process. 

Here are some of the benefits for our NGOs that register for the bootcamp-

  1. Save INR 97,500 & get free 3-month Glific access with no setup fee.
  2. Launch your WhatsApp chatbot in just 2 days. After completing the bootcamp, you’ll be ready to pilot the chatbot with a small group of users.
  3. Gain expert mentoring for 3 months from chatbot conversation designing, pilot preparation and launch
  4. Be a part of Glific’s 85+ NGO community in education, healthcare, and more.
  5. Explore incredible possibilities like ChatGPT, voice support, and Google Sheets integration for your end beneficiaries.
  6. Gain access to Project Tech4Dev’s ecosystem and tap into advanced data solutions and offerings like Fractional CxO to amplify your organization’s potential.
  7. 1:1 support in getting Facebook business manager verification done before the bootcamp


Registration open till 25th August

Bootcamp dates: 25-26th September, 5-6th October at Mumbai and Delhi

Register here

To give an idea on how Glific has been implemented by NGOs, find below the list of possible usecases

Education NGOs– Send activities and worksheets, track class performance, deliver teacher training and track progress

Healthcare NGOs– Send weekly reminders on health status, counselling/helplines, FAQs, Grievance redressal

Agriculture NGOs– Send farming advisories, share mandi rates for crops, weather forecasts, preventive pest control measures

Wherever you see a scope of digitally interacting with your beneficiaries and want it to happen at scale, you can deploy Glific.

Glific, a Digital Public Good, has helped more than 85 NGOs launch their WhatsApp chatbots in the past. By the end of this year, we hope to work with more NGOs across different sectors during this bootcamp. 

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