Internal Dashboard comes to Glific

Akhilesh Negi

JANUARY 23, 2023


We had a solid 2022 where we released a bunch of new features in Glific and onboarded many new NGOs which eventually helped reach out to more beneficiaries and have a greater impact. Check out how last year went in detail in this blog

As we continue our journey in 2023, we are continuously improving the platform to empower NGOs to have a greater impact with their program and creating new features to enable the same. The majority of requests for new features come from NGOs that use Glific and believe that an additional feature that would meet their demands would have complemented their program. We thus evaluate how the requested feature may be generalized after learning about their use case in order to make it usable or easily adaptable for other NGOs.

As another feature request from our partner NGOs, we began working on the internal dashboard in January. Although we have reporting mechanism setup already in Glific through the combination of Bigquery and Datastudio, NGOs felt that setting up reports takes a few additional steps and would also like to have a dashboard of some sort right from the box that they could use to monitor the daily health and statistics of their bot.

We went forward with Elixir Liveview for the internal dashboard. LiveView is server-centric and is built on top of Elixir(the language on which Glific Backend is built). Thus using LiveView we can build a dashboard with rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML

Though the internal dashboard is still in the development stage, here is how it looks now that two weeks have passed.

In our recent sprint, we also gave a demo of the work we have been doing with the first look at the dashboard

While we are building it further we’ll keep talking to our partner NGOs to decide on metrics that we’ll include in the internal dashboard while also making sure that those don’t overlap with our Data studio templates as the internal dashboard will not be an alternative to Bigquery and Data studio report setup. We’ll continue experimenting with and getting amazed by what all Elixir Liveview has to offer, and hope it helps our partner NGOs as they carry their program in Glific.

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