Quest Alliance: Learnings from one year of Ikki


OCTOBER 26, 2023


Team members present from Telangana, Odisha, Karnataka programs teams of Quest Alliance, Ed-tech Team of Quest Alliance and Glific Product Team (Tejas). 

Bot Name and Objective

Ikki, Provides a self paced journey for students from government schools to build computational thinking skills. 


  • Overall learners reached in 1 year of operations: 11k. 
  • Designed learning time on chatbot: 75 mins
  • No of learners who completed the entire 5 week experience: 115
  • Learners responding correctly to the questions post consuming the learning module: 45-60% 

Highlights through 1 year of implementation

  1. This program is helping the schools and the students keep the learning momentum going through vacation days like Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas
  2. The chatbot demo got the school principals, teachers and parents excited about the possibilities of expanding the avenues for their students.

Challenges identified by the team members

  1. Student access to smartphones has been a problem 
  2. Operations team were not aware of the progress made by the students and where they are in their week 1 to week 5 journey, and could not ascertain the kind of engagement happening on their bot
  3. Onboarding and orientation phase was dependent on human resources/ volunteers going to the field. 

Behavioral Insights from the data

Discussion and decisions for the next iteration of the program 

  1. Design for manual nudges to reactivate the learning journey of the students on weekly / monthly occasions. As the present design was completely devoid of manual or automated nudges to the large groups of students dropping off in middle of weekly flows. 
  2. Outreach, onboarding and orientation calls or sessions could be standardized or gotten more creative. Geography specific strategy for onboarding could be defined to get better results. 
  3. Creating learner agency or autonomy is the one of the objectives of the organization, but the present design of chatbot program does not foster such outcomes, therefore discussions within the team like what type of pedagogy make sense when creating learning content for building agency, democratizing learning, self paced learning and so on 
  4. Discussion within the Quest Alliance team on what does personalization mean and what does it look like when it comes to creating learning experiences

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