My first month at Tech4Dev

Sneha Trivedi

DECEMBER 27, 2022


This blog is written by Sneha Trivedi, Business Development and Sales Lead, Project Tech4Dev

It’s been an exciting and busy first month at Project Tech4Dev as Business Development and Sales Lead. From learning the ins and outs of our products to building relationships with nonprofits, I’m really enjoying the challenges and opportunities that come with this role.

On my first day, I was happy to see the entire Glific team welcoming me on the call. It was such a wonderful feeling seeing familiar faces, as I had worked with Glific when I was part of Alohomora Education Foundation. 

I have been working on a variety of things since I joined, not only understanding how we can streamline our communication with the world but also understand how we can leverage our network to reach out to nonprofits that need tech support to amplify their impact. I am amazed to see how Glific fits well into the programs of different nonprofits across sectors.

One of the things that stood out to me is the support and guidance I have received from Erica. From discussing ideas to taking steps on executing those has been a highlight. Before joining this role, I had multiple conversations with Erica to understand the role at depth and was blown away to see the possibilities this role offers. Conversations with Abhishek and Lobo have been quite insightful on understanding our journey so far and what best suits nonprofits. The entire team has been really supportive and helpful in answering any questions I have about the projects that are running. We recently had our team meet-up/retreat at Jaipur where I got an opportunity to understand the working of the entire team and reflected on the activities we have done in the past month. 

In Nov 2022, we launched our first in-person WhatsApp bootcamp program for nonprofits to get their WhatsApp chatbot up and running in two days. If you are a NGO and looking to create a WhatsApp chatbot, this bootcamp is for you. You don’t have to have any technical expertise to join the program and don’t need a tech team to run the WhatsApp Chatbot. I have worked closely with our communications partner to run the campaign on our social media platform. One of the goals for us is to increase the visibility of our platform, and we are actively trying to do it through LinkedIn. In the past month, I have spoken to more than 10 NGOs to understand their offerings, target audience, pain points and their vision. Technological interventions seem an exciting avenue for them but it also depends on their funds, scale and program vision. Through these conversations, I have also learnt about user behaviour and what content can really drive non Glific users to explore Glific. It has been an interesting journey on understanding how different nonprofits want to improve their offerings through Glific. 

One of the biggest challenges I have faced so far has been about understanding how we can strategize our sales and marketing so that we can find the best fit nonprofits for our offerings. This is definitely one of the most exciting aspects of my work! 

Overall, it’s been a great first month and I am excited to continue learning and growing with this amazing team.

Hoping Glific enables more nonprofits to shine

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